What is this?

I’ve been asking myself that for the better part of my life. Four decades of hustle. Twenty years of lateral moves. Ten of which spent in marketing and advertising. Five years working a side-hustle with Blacklisted Copenhagen interviewing and writing about artists and their work. And now this.

So what is this? Hustle & Move? It’s an attempt to expand upon what I was doing with Blacklisted to include more tidbits of knowledge and expertise that I have gained about art, communication, marketing, and DIY life hacks into one place. In addition, I will continue to speak with artists about their work, their research and their processes.

Who is it for, you might ask?

To that I say, it’s for any artist or art lover who is willing to see past all the grammar, poor spelling and passive voice, for a few bits of useful information about the beauty of art, sound and dance.


J. Scott Stratton
Founder. Writer. Lost Soul.